Meet Your Soul.

Interior design connects your soul and heart. My mission is to make your everyday life more exciting and lovely with my interior solutions.


Meet your soul.

Deep connection beyond comfort.

My aim is more than just comfort, when it comes to Interior Design. Because home is where we spend most of our life, I create healing sensation and connection to your soul through my interior solutions. 

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Harmony in Western and Japanese Design.

Because everyone has different lifestyle, I offer interior design in both Western and Japanese style, in order to provide a perfect fit for your preference. 


Harmony in Interior.


Western and Japanese Style.
krisztina neményi
Interior Designer from Hungary

Since I have grown up in Hungary, my interior solutions offers both Western and Japanese style. 

My 3 main services are “Interior Advise”, “Interior Coordinate”, and “CAD operation”. Even from one room to a whole house I provide flexible services.

My passion is to understand a goal of the client’s lifestyle and help to achieve it with my interior design skills.


From One Room to a Whole House.
Interior Advice

Even from one room to a whole house I provide an interior advice to help you find new exciting ideas and your own style of living.

Interior Coordinate

Not only an Interior Advice, but I also offer total coordination service. According to your needs, I will create an item list, purchase, and install the furniture.

CAD Operator

CAD services such as 3D perth for individuals and corporations.

Heartful Design

I aim more than just comfort. My solutions create deep sensation and quality lifestyle through interior design.

Western Taste

Not only Japanese style, but I also offer Western interior design which I have developed from my home in Hungary.

Flexible Order

Even from one room I provide flexible interior solution to meet your request and preference.